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Ga naar nieuwe berichten Puch-maxi.? door Donnieclark @ Gisteren om 09:12

Hi, I would like to share some thoughts with you. I have an unused, yes a rarity, Maxi-Puch serial no. 5703353 year 1974, speedo reading 00003 kms. Unused, since I purchased it because of its British Reg. No. GGW1N. Any racehorse enthusiast would of
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Age of Sparta? door Donnieclark @ Gisteren om 09:11

Hi, I've been playing for a few months now on a Windows 8.1 phone. This game could be a lot of fun, but the bugs and glitches are so bad now that I can't do much of anything in-game anymore. For more details Brand Animation Examples
Ga naar nieuwe berichten 1997 Honda Hornet 250 exhaust? door Donnieclark @ Gisteren om 09:08

Hi, I've googled it but can only find exhaust for the Hornet 600, any info would be good. I own a 1997 Honda Hornet 250, I was wondering if you can get an after market exhaust for these bikes? I didn't find the right solution from the internet. R
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Why YAMAHA why ? door Donnieclark @ Gisteren om 09:06

Hi, I'm just baffled by the decision of Yamaha for targeting just girls with a product which wont look bad on boys . Leaving aside the shades , the design of Ray is brilliant , has a youthful tone . Employing women in almost every procedure is no do
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Honda Bike Complaints & Reviews.? door Donnieclark @ 21/11/17 06:45

Hi, When i Approached to v d honda dealer of nawada village uttam nagar new delhi 110059 service center dealer did not change my shocker till 1 month.Due to that. i fond 2nd problem in the singaram it got band. Due to this problem my bike not riding
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Sparta Technical Manual.? door Donnieclark @ 21/11/17 06:42

Hi, Very pleased with new Sparta Ion, but not with Sparta as they won't sell me a copy of their technical manual, apparently not their policy. Anyone know where I might get one? I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: http
Ga naar nieuwe berichten PUCH bikes.? door Donnieclark @ 21/11/17 06:41

Hi, I found a 70's to 80's PUCH "century" bike and am trying to learn more about it so I can sell it. I have no interest in fixing it up since it doesn't fit me but I am getting a lot of questions about it but can't find any info anywhere.
Ga naar nieuwe berichten my new acquisition pearl yamaha 75 cc? door Donnieclark @ 21/11/17 06:39

Hi, I have bought a 1968 model of Pearl yamaha. I am attaching some photos of the same. if any team bhpian has any information regarding the technical know-how pm me. For more details 2d animated videos
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