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Ga naar nieuwe berichten Puch-maxi.? door Donnieclark @ Gisteren om 09:12

Hi, I would like to share some thoughts with you. I have an unused, yes a rarity, Maxi-Puch serial no. 5703353 year 1974, speedo reading 00003 kms. Unused, since I purchased it because of its British Reg. No. GGW1N. Any racehorse enthusiast would of
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Age of Sparta? door Donnieclark @ Gisteren om 09:11

Hi, I've been playing for a few months now on a Windows 8.1 phone. This game could be a lot of fun, but the bugs and glitches are so bad now that I can't do much of anything in-game anymore. For more details Brand Animation Examples
Ga naar nieuwe berichten 1997 Honda Hornet 250 exhaust? door Donnieclark @ Gisteren om 09:08

Hi, I've googled it but can only find exhaust for the Hornet 600, any info would be good. I own a 1997 Honda Hornet 250, I was wondering if you can get an after market exhaust for these bikes? I didn't find the right solution from the internet. R
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Why YAMAHA why ? door Donnieclark @ Gisteren om 09:06

Hi, I'm just baffled by the decision of Yamaha for targeting just girls with a product which wont look bad on boys . Leaving aside the shades , the design of Ray is brilliant , has a youthful tone . Employing women in almost every procedure is no do
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Honda Bike Complaints & Reviews.? door Donnieclark @ 21/11/17 06:45

Hi, When i Approached to v d honda dealer of nawada village uttam nagar new delhi 110059 service center dealer did not change my shocker till 1 month.Due to that. i fond 2nd problem in the singaram it got band. Due to this problem my bike not riding
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Sparta Technical Manual.? door Donnieclark @ 21/11/17 06:42

Hi, Very pleased with new Sparta Ion, but not with Sparta as they won't sell me a copy of their technical manual, apparently not their policy. Anyone know where I might get one? I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: http
Ga naar nieuwe berichten PUCH bikes.? door Donnieclark @ 21/11/17 06:41

Hi, I found a 70's to 80's PUCH "century" bike and am trying to learn more about it so I can sell it. I have no interest in fixing it up since it doesn't fit me but I am getting a lot of questions about it but can't find any info anywhere.
Ga naar nieuwe berichten my new acquisition pearl yamaha 75 cc? door Donnieclark @ 21/11/17 06:39

Hi, I have bought a 1968 model of Pearl yamaha. I am attaching some photos of the same. if any team bhpian has any information regarding the technical know-how pm me. For more details 2d animated videos
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Tomos mini? door Donnieclark @ 20/11/17 05:43

Hi, , I'm going this afternoon to look at a "Tomos Mini" folding bicycle. the moped company.. the gentleman describes it as older, with chrome fenders, single speed with coaster brake, 20" wheels, I have so far been able to turn up li
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Honda Bike Related to servicing and spare parts.? door Donnieclark @ 20/11/17 05:41

Hi, I had serviced my on 6th december under supervision of honda tecnician, and there they told me that my clutch plate gets break down, as per they had told to change i had changed and they also charged rs 120 for that, and after servicing i had no
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Which oil do I use in my FZ700? door Donnieclark @ 20/11/17 05:39

Hi, It's time for a fresh oil change in my 1987 FZ700. I bought it back in September and one of the first things I did was change the oil. I printed off a manual that said that 10W-30 would be safe for the colder weather. Now it's time to change it
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Puch Road Bike.? door Donnieclark @ 20/11/17 05:37

Hi, I found this bike the other day and can buy it for $50, would have bought it, but it was a distance away from me and was not sure if it was worth the trip. It looks in good shape (from the pictures), but I am not too familiar with Puch bikes. I
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Found a solex what's it worth? door Donnieclark @ 17/11/17 12:47

Hi, Found a french made solex behind the local radiator shop .dosent run right now ,needs an elec update . So whats a good price? Anyone know how to tell what year it is? The guy who knows the owner said he thought it would go for around two hundred
Ga naar nieuwe berichten 1968 Sears 250 (Puch SGS) ? door Donnieclark @ 17/11/17 12:45

Hi, Not like I need another project, but I just really had to have this. The theme of my collection is two-tiered: Bikes from all different countries, and bikes with odd and/or extinct mechanical features. This bike covers both, as it is made in Aus
Ga naar nieuwe berichten WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE YAMAHA SUPER TENERE? door Donnieclark @ 17/11/17 12:43

Hi, Bluebird is hoping to take on Scotland’s NC500 and is looking for advice from anyone who has done so before. Any parts you would miss or add? In what direction would you do it? Recommendations for accommodation would be good.the Yamaha Super Tén
Ga naar nieuwe berichten Do I Really Have To Change My Oil Every Year? door Donnieclark @ 17/11/17 12:41

Hi, I just saw your answer regards oil change. My manual says that I need to change oil every 3000 miles. But I only ride about 1000 miles per year (very short commute). By the book, I need to perform oil change every three years. Do I really need t
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